Continuing on our present course will result in an Uninhabitabe Earth and our Extinction

It is so very much worse than you are being led to believe by our corporate owned media and government. The slowness of climate change is a fairy tale. Climate change has been wrecking havoc around the planet, and that havoc will continue and increase in intensity in the years to come.

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina 2005

Russian Heat Wave

Russian Heat Wave 2010

US Drought 2012 - Present

US Drought 2012-Present

Typhoon Haiyan

Typhoon Haiyan 2013

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria 2017

California Fires 2017

California Fires 2017

Pakistan Heat Wave 2018

Pakistan Heat Wave 2018

Typhoon Jebi 2018   17 Dead $3.4B

Typhoon Jebi 2018   17 Dead $3.4B
CampFire 2018 83 Dead $16.5B
Australian Drought 2019
Mozambique Typhoon 2019
Mid-West Floods 2019

CampFire 2018 83 Dead $16.5B

Australian  Drought 2019

Mozambique Typhoon 2019

Mid-West Floods 2019

Right now in Earth's atmosphere there is one third more carbon than at any point in at least the last 800,000 years, possibly in as long as 15 million years. More than half of the carbon emitted into the atmosphere by the burning of fossil fuels has been discharged in just the past three decades. Over 85% since World War II. The United Nations established its climate change framework in 1992, advertising scientific consensus unmistakably to the world; this means we have now engineered as much ruin knowingly as we ever managed in ignorance. Yet we still continue to pump CO2 into the atmosphere at increasing rates despite the certain knowledge that we are destroying the habitat which our children and grand children will require if they are to survive on this planet.

CO2 levels over 650K years
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The Paris Agreement is being ignored and the IPCC has consistently underestimated the real effects of climate change.

Kyoto Protocol
Paris 2015
IPCC 2018
Sea Ice vs IPCC

"The upper end of the probability curve put forward by the U.N. to estimate the end-of-the-century, business-as-usual scenario— the worst-case outcome of a worst-case emissions path— puts us at eight degrees. At that temperature, humans at the equator and in the tropics would not be able to move around outside without dying. In that world, eight degrees warmer, direct heat effects would be the least of it: the oceans would eventually swell two hundred feet higher, flooding what are now two-thirds of the world’s major cities; hardly any land on the planet would be capable of efficiently producing any of the food we now eat; forests would be roiled by rolling storms of fire, and coasts would be punished by more and more intense hurricanes; the suffocating hood of tropical disease would reach northward."*

1.5 C Warming

"At two degrees, the ice sheets will begin their collapse, 400 million more people will suffer from water scarcity, major cities in the equatorial band of the planet will become unlivable, and even in the northern latitudes heat waves will kill thousands each summer.

There would be thirty-two times as many extreme heat waves in India, and each would last five times as long, exposing ninety-three times more people. This is our best-case scenario."*

2 C Warming
2-3 C Warming
4 C Warming

"At three degrees, southern Europe would be in permanent drought, and the average drought in Central America would last nineteen months longer and in the Caribbean twenty-one months longer. In northern Africa, the figure is sixty months longer— five years. The areas burned each year by wildfires would double in the Mediterranean and sextuple, or more, in the United States. At four degrees, there would be eight million more cases of dengue fever each year in Latin America alone and close to annual global food crises."


"There could be 9 percent more heat-related deaths. Damages from river flooding would grow thirtyfold in Bangladesh, twentyfold in India, and as much as sixtyfold in the United Kingdom."


"In certain places, six climate-driven natural disasters could strike simultaneously, and, globally, damages could pass $600 trillion— more than twice the wealth as exists in the world today."*

3-4 C Warming
+4 C Glabal Warming
Global Temp Changes 1880-2000 by Decade

* Wallace-Wells, David. The Uninhabitable Earth  Crown/Archetype. Kindle Edition.